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Resorts in Masinagudi, Bokkapuram, The Nilgiris, Resorts in Madumalai Resorts in Masinagudi, Bokkapuram, The Nilgiris, Resorts in Madumalai
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Glen View

A Forest For Rest


In the foot hills of the Nilgiris (also referred to as Blue Mountains) lies Bokkapuram, a picturesque village known for its immense beauty and serenity. Abode to the Goddess of the mudumalai jungle, it carries her temple which is celebrated just once a year.

Offers Cottages in Masinagudi, Cottages in Nilgiris, Resorts in Bokkapuram, Resorts in Masinagudi.

A short stretch into the woods should ideally lead into the silent jungle. But that is not the case, because hidden in the dark and silent canopy of bamboos and towering trees lies a resort which has merged itself into the beautiful landscape. Its inhabitants are enthralled by its distinguished wild visitors which includes the Gigantic Asian Elephants, the awesome bison’s, the majestic tigers, the skilled cheetah and the all so beautiful birds which hover around in different colours and sizes. Glen View Resort has earned itself the reputation of ‘THE’ ideal getaway for those who seek the best of the unblemished Wild.

Glen View provides the opportunity of living in the lap of nature. The cottages, built out of contemporary mud and stone interiors provides you a luxurious blend of comfort and exotic natural ambience which makes your dream vacation a reality. So, comeon, take that vacation you have kept aside for so long and visit us. We promise the vacation of your life!

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Dinesh Kumar AB

We had an amazing experience with the Glenview, we stayed in the MUDHUT, the hospitality and ambience was commendable, thanks to Mr.Suresh the cook

Sat Jul 30, 2016


I must say this place is fantastic and must visit for newly married couple. Its a place amidst thick forest and serene nature beauty. There is no word which can best describe hospitality provided. Manager Mr Ram and Mr Prem were very helpful and they carry never say no attitude.Food was sumptuous. Its a best example for home away from home.

Sat Jun 06, 2015

Vinod Kumar

We had a great time!! Truly amazing place to be. Midst of Green where one can listen only to bird chirping!! and best suitable for people who appreciate and enjoy nature.
Special Thanks to Mr.Ramakrishna and team for the hospitality and real good food.

Tue Dec 09, 2014

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