Glen View

A Forest For Rest


Blended with such a tranquil atmosphere we have seven cottages, each with a uniqueness of its own. Now without TV and Internet, how do you spend all day in the wild? We have the answer for you. We will ensure that when you are back home, you will be all recharged for your next bout of challenge at work!

Some of our Activities
  • Buffer zone Safari

    Glenview Resort, Bokkapuram offers Tourist Package, Holiday Package, Masinagudi Resort and Wildlife Resort.

    An adventure that takes any adventurer who like to explore the unexplored trails and unspoilt natural horizons of desert or country side or forests.

    The jeeps will be arranged by Glenview for the safari with experienced guide cum drivers. One such safari is Jungle safari. You have also got the options of explore the forest regions via elephant from the mudhumalai reception center

  • Local sightseeing

    Provides Local Sightseeing in Masinagudi Town, Ooty, Nilgiris.

    The masinagudi town and its surrounding virgin villages in and around ooty, nilgiris is rich with its historical tales dating back to hundreds of years, the mysore kingdom's influence and legends surrounding the ancient temples, caves surrounding the ooty township.

    There are also breathtaking sights of valleys, rivers and plain lands. There are enough stuff to see around for a day or two. You are sure to be entertained all the way.

  • Bird Watching

    Tourist Package, Holiday Package, Masinagudi Resort, Wildlife Resort.

    The peace and tranquility of the environs, combined with the beauty of the birds, is enough to take away all types of tensions from your mind. What better place to enjoy bird watching, than the Forest?

    Most of your travelling within Bandipur is taken care by us so that you can make most of the bird sighting experience.

  • Visit to Tribal Village

    Villages in Ooty, Masinagudi, Bokkapuram.

    Experience tribal culture and explore the famed Nilgiris tea estates nearby Masinagudi.

    * We can arrage short trip to this village.

  • Campfire

    Offers resorts in Bokkapuram, Masinagudi, The Nilgiris, Accommodation in Masinagudi.

    Enjoying the fascinating flames and glowing coals is great way to pass the time from dusk to bedtime, particularly for those in a pensive mood.

    On your request, we would be happy to arrange campfire and barbeque in the night.

Some of our On Campus Activities

  • Badminton
  • Cards
  • Carroms
  • Chess